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In the wake of the economic crisis and passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, the debt buying industry is under increasing scrutiny and subject to both legislative proposals and regulatory supervision that could impact the viability of our business.

DBA regularly supplements the efforts of our legislative team on Capitol Hill and at the state level in an effort to build and strengthen relationships with congressional members and their staffs, and provide lawmakers with a critical view of the current business environment and the need for reasoned proposals designed to protect consumers as well as businesses. Our ability to cultivate these relationships, coupled with systems put in place to identify proposals that would have an impact on our industry, have proven especially valuable.

We continue to meet with regulatory agencies to discuss industry-related topics and to stay informed about potential regulatory proposals. These relationships, and the skills developed in crafting and presenting our messages, have proven beneficial in promoting the interests of our member companies.

It is more important than ever to support DBA International’s legislative efforts! The Legislative Fund was created to extend the impact of DBA’s advocacy activities beyond what would be possible otherwise providing critical financial resources that enable DBA to engage and educate legislators around the country, and to more effectively support or oppose legislation that affects the industry.

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