Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

This page contains news and information about proposals, decisions and other actions by the Federal Trade Commission that affect the debt buying industry. DBA will also post FTC reports and other documents of value as they become available in the Resources box below.

This page also contains both FTC documents that provide quidance to debt buyers (see FTC Resources) as well as news of recent FTC activities. Check back often as this information will be updated regularly. For information about CFPB activities, visit the CFPB page.


Notes from the FTC-CFPB Debt Collection Roundtable (PDF)

News and Archives

Judge Backs FTC’s Authority in Data-Breach Case (4/7/14)
FTC Wants Stronger Rules on Consumer Data (4/2/14)
⇒ FTC and CFPB Push Back Against Debt Buyers (3/18/14)
FTC Becoming Increasingly Reliant on Phone App for Collection Complaints (3/11/14)
⇒ Updates coming for debt collection laws (3/10/14)
FTC Targets Amherst Debt Collector for Threatening Consumers (3/9/14)
FTC Letter Reveals Increased FDCPA and Debt Collection Enforcement (3/6/14)
FTC Announces Success of Stance Against Aggressive Debt Collectors (3/5/14)
FTC Reports 200,000 Debt Collection Complaints in 2013; CFPB Says 22,000 (3/4/14)
Several Collection Agencies Sued for Abusive Tactics (3/3/14)
FTC Announces Top National Consumer Complaints for 2013 (2/27/14)
FTC’s Winning Streak is Over (2/11/14)
Accretive Health Reaches Accord with FTC Over Data Security Measures (1/6/14)


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