Company Certification Resources

Below are many great resources to guide you through the certification process. We also have experts willing to assist you. Call us at (916) 482-2462 or email

DBA Certification Program

Certification Governance Document (Including all appendices)

Certification Program Overview (4-page summary)

Certification Simplified

Policies and Procedures Template

• Website-Publication Requirements (sample)

7 Steps for Company Certification

Certification Webinar Series on Policies and Procedures (complimentary for DBA members)

Certification Education Requirements (graphic)

Application for Certification

Company Certification

CFPB Portal Registration

Click here to register your company and respond to consumer complaints on the CFPB’s secure website.

Tips and Advice for Company Certification

Managing Certification Standards for Debt Buyers (Fall 2014)
Debt Buyer Certification – Version 2.0 (Spring 2014)
Advice for Small Companies from a Certified Debt Buyer (Fall 2013)
Debt Buyer Certification: A New Era Ahead (Spring 2013)