DBA International Receivables Management Certification Program

DBA International’s Receivables Management Certification Program offers professional designations to companies and individuals operating and employed within the U.S. receivables industry. This “gold standard” certification program was designed to promote uniform, consumer-oriented, best practice standards for the receivables industry.

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To earn a DBA certification designation, companies and individuals must demonstrate that they have implemented the required company standards and achieved the individual continuing education requirements. Learn how you can become DBA Certified:

Company Certification


Certified Professional Receivables Company

Company certification is granted to debt buying companies, collection law firms, third-party collection agencies and creditors that comply with uniform and rigorous industry standards of best practices including account documentation, consumer complaint and dispute resolution, vendor management, resale, and other operational procedures and pass a company background check.

Certification for debt buying companies: Debt buying companies who are actively purchasing portfolios must complete their CPRC designation by March 1, 2016 (or two years from their membership date for newer members). Debt buying companies who are not actively purchasing receivables must meet the following requirements to remain an associate member:

  • Must have an individual in your organization complete the Certified Receivables Compliance Professional certification by March 1, 2017
  • Must not have purchased an account since your last membership renewal
  • When you purchase an account, it must meet all the requirements and standards outlined in the certification program
  • Must complete your company certification within one year of purchasing an account

Certification for collection law firms and third party agencies: Collection law firms, third party collection agencies and creditors may voluntarily seek the CPRC designation but it is not a requirement in order to maintain their DBA International membership.

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Individual Certification


Certified Receivables Compliance Professional

Individual certification will be granted to those who:

  • complete 24 credits of industry-relevant education
  • pass a criminal background screening

Individual certification is a requirement for each certified company’s Chief Compliance Officer.



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If you have a question or need further guidance on DBA International’s Receivables Management Certification Program, please contact DBA at (916) 482-2462 or by email at cert@dbainternational.org.