Past Presidents

Since its founding in 1997, DBA International has benefited from a long line of visionary leaders. Their leadership has been the foundation for DBA’s growth and stature in the receivables management industry. DBA International thanks the following people for their service to DBA and the industry as a whole, and for their continuing commitment to the ideals on which DBA International was founded:

1998 – Mitch Bonilla
1999 – Walt Collins
2000 – Scott Matte
2001 – Charles ‘Chic’ Natkins
2002 – Robert ‘Bob’ Morris
2003 – Craig Goodman
2004 & 2005 – Roger Knauf
2006 & 2007 – Gary Wood
2008 – Kristin Dougherty
2009 – Mike Cushing
2010 – Stuart Blatt
2011 & 2012 – Mike Bendickson
2013 – Rich Munroe
2014 – Bryan Faliero
2015 – Kaye Dreifuerst
2016 – Trish Baxter & Todd Lansky


Past Debt Buyer Association Presidents in Vegas: From Gunslinger Culture to a Consumer-Friendly Culture

At the 2016 DBA International Annual Conference in Las Vegas, five past presidents whose administrations spanned the 19 years of the associations existence; Walt Collins, Bob Morris, Mike Cushing, Mike Bendickson and Rich Munroe were interviewed on Capital Club Radio hosted by Michael Flock, Chairman & CEO of FLOCK Specialty Finance. Read the transcript here. Listen and download the interview on Capital Club Radio.